Gone by Michael Grant


Gone by Michael Grant may be one of my new favorite books! One minute Mr. Trentlake is there, standing at the board teaching about the Civil War, when poof, he’s gone. As Sam takes a double-take, kids start panicking. Sam comes to realize that every adult or teenager 15 and older is just…just…gone. But then bullies rise. The little babies and toddlers are left by themselves. There are no hospitals. No teachers. No parents. No cops. Also, gone is cell phones, internet and television.  The kids from Coates Academy come over to Perdido Beach. And they clearly have their leader: Caine, the charming, smooth-talking 14-year-old from Coates Academy. As Caine and his posse control and rule over the kids of Perdido Beach, weird things start happening. The animals start mutating. A seagull with talons like a hawk. But it doesn’t stop there. The kids themself start mutating, developing new skills and powers. A little girl shooting fire out of her hands. A boy squeezing something too hard and putting finger marks into the metal. I love this book and it kept me hooked the whole way!

What I especially love about this book is that throughout the story, it keeps throwing in little, tiny characters and by the end of the story, they are one of the main characters! This book is probably for tweens and teens. There are just a few curse words, and not any of the horrible ones. Gone is fast-paced action, adventure, and a little bit of romance. Especially the romance part closer to the end of the book. This book is part of the Gone series, all by Michael Grant. I highly recommend this book! and I hope you read it!

Happy Reading!


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